Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lovely New Lambs arrive on the Farm

We have lovely new lambs arrived to farm, most carrying 25%-75% UK genetics. These boys range in age from 2 - 4 months.
Our nanna goat Spirit, being the only female of close species, calls out to the babies and is anxious for them to leave the quarantined barn to join her on pasture. We will start to pasture them this weekend, once all their vaccinations have taken, in a field adjacent to our original flock. We will slowly start intergrating the older lambs in with the others, leaving the littlest ones a few more months to size up and put on summer weight.

We have 20 new fellows to name, and I am slowly getting there with help from Drummond, Joanne & Jim. So let's meet those who have names so far!

Osborne & Cyril are our little white twins, by far the smallest on the farm. Osborne thankfully has a black strip on his left horn, making it easier to tell the twins apart!

Stewart is the biggest of the lambs, and is the BIG boss to match. We have seperated him out into a pen with the other larger animals in quarantine. He has distinctive markings to match his larger than life personality! The stripes on his legs and little flash of white on this tail makes him an ideal camera hog.

This is Lorne - who until last night was extremely shy and did not allow anyone to touch him... but once I got my hands under his belly and gave him a scratch, he was my new best friend! Lorne is seen here waiting for me to come back into the pen to scratch him - not shy anymore!

This is Duncan. His fleece is not tight, but it is one of the softest wools that I have ever felt. He is quite skiddish, but I know that we will win him over soon and I'll be able to nestle my chin into that downy soft fleece.

Wallace came to us a little thinner than we'd like, but he is eating well now and the diarrhea is passing with treatment. He should start to bulk up once he hits the pasture. His black fleece is quite soft, and his markings distinct. Wouldn't he make a lovely pair of mittens & hat for hitting the town? Perhaps I now have to reserve his fleece for my friend Emily Wallace who knits!!

This is MacLean, the third smallest after the twins and a lovely pet for certain! MacLean was the first little guy that I befriended, mostly due to concern because he wasn't keen on eating. He is now relaxed in a small pen with the twins, eating well and enjoying the summer air flowing through the barn windows & doors and the classical music playing on the radio. I'm in LOVE!!! And his fleece is just gorgeous!!!

We have lots more to tame, name and post profiles on the blog. In the meantime, Jim is doing a stellar job of working with the larger lambs in earning their trust. Here he is with Fyfe, McDougall, Stewart and some of the other boys who are yet to be christened.

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Are all these boys wethered? Are you going for a rent-a-ram business or a very large spinners flock?