Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Moving into a cow-calf operation with heritage breeds!

Drummond & I have spent the last 2 years acquiring the right animals to start a cow-calf operation for our all natural grass fed beef production. We are really excited about this, as we slowly move away from raising steers purchased from other local farms.

We have carefully selected the genetics for this, working with Dexter & Highland bloodlines as our foundation. We are building up a herd that has diverse heritage bloodlines, excel on grass diets, are intelligent & instinctive mothers, easy to handle (nice size & disposition), and easy keepers. We have also mixed in 2 heifer Shorthorn/Limosine crosses (Maeve & Ruby), who we raised on bottle last year and if they grow nicely, will eventually be bred to our little Dexter/Highland bull RB.

We currently have one Highland/Dexter cross bull named RB (Red Bull), a cow named Red of the same cross, 2 Dexter/Angus cross cows (Black & Roanne) and 1 Dexter/Angus crossed heifer (Dixie). The three cows are currently in calf to RB.

Photos to follow.

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