Friday, March 4, 2011

Pearson around the farm

Pearson loves his pony, the horses, and the cows! When he wakes in the morning, he says that he dreamt about Robin (his pony) and the cows. He says that Blackie is his favourite cow and announces that Red is mommy's favourite cow (and he would be correct!).

He loves going to the barn, and it will be difficult to keep him from running up the driveway to the barn this summer, when I have my hands full with a newborn. He has a special relationship with Cassie the goat, as she was bottlefed and raised in the house for the first few months of Pearson's life. And he calls Hogan the livestock protection dog, HIS dog.

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Bibi said...

He is looking so like you!!!! How's Laddie and Penny? Happy for you! See ya! Julie