Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Comes to Torhaveen Farms

With the arrival of the fall season, comes all the preparatory chores on the farm to ready for the cold winter months.  All changes of seasons seem to elicit some sort of momentary fear in our minds on the farm as we look at the daunting 'to do list'.

Some of our 'To dos' this fall include:  repair the barn water system, install the 2 new shelters for the sheep, harvest the fall steers & hogs, prepare winter waterers & feeders.

Fortunately for us, the weather has been lovely so far this fall and we are prepared to tackle the dreaded 'to do list'.

One of our new favourite activities since having pigs on the farm, although Drummond's parents raised pigs decades ago, is picking up the windfall wild apples as their treat. Here are some photos from our late September stroll down the laneway and into the back fields finding delicious wild apples:

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