Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Welcome Fall - planning for Winter!

It is officially Fall, and the animals have started to put on their winter coats.  The leaves are turning, and as per usual, it is a race to beat winter.  Second cut is still standing, but we are praying to get some into the barn in the coming weeks.  The kids are back in their regular school routines, and the dogs are sad to see the house empty most days now!

I, Amanda, will be taking a few weeks off tentatively at the start of October, and welcome any volunteers to come and give me help with projects on the farm. Moving/staking round bales, reinforcing fencing, demolishing the old silo, drawing firewood, cleaning stalls/pig sty, oiling equipment, tagging animals for shipping. I will be so grateful for any an all help!

There remain 8 families on the waiting list for pork from this past season whose orders could not be met, who will be emailed shortly with timeframes for harvest.  Other customers, who have already received pork in 2014 will be contacted, so that we can be advised of their needs. The same is true of our beef orders.  I have already contacted the butcher and am awaiting dates for beef. The meat should be ready mid/late November.

Torhaveen Farms now requires a deposit on meat orders. This has had to become the practice, as sadly we have had several clients either leave their meat at our farm for months and months for us to store (Hydro is very costly in ON) or who have had cheques that have bounced. We require 250$ deposit on 1/2 Pork orders & 1/4 Beef orders. Balance to be paid upon pick-up of meat.

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