Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hogan Coming Home - but not through the Woods Yet

After a joyful visit with Hoggie-Bear yesterday afternoon by his two Moms, Nathalie (the breeder who kept & trained him until he was 6 months) & yours truly, the vet informed us that if his recovery continued that he would be allowed to come home. He is up eating, drinking and going out and full of energy at the sight of us!

I received confirmation this morning, that he can be picked-up this evening and brought home to the farm to rest. The hospital still does not know what he had/has, but he is feeling better thanks to the anitbiotics. He will remain on medication for 2 weeks at home, and then the real test will come... will he be healed from this mystery illness, or have his kidneys experienced permanent damage (prognosis not good)?

To answer some of your questions, it is not related to the recent dog-food contamination, could be that he was poisonned or very remote chance that he could have contracted Leptosporosis (even though he is vaccinated against this).

I know that the sheep will be extremelly happy to have their guardian home as will everyone else. And we will all be keeping close watch over him.

Let's pray that he'll make it through in 2 weeks...

We have lovingly renamed him:
Hogan the Million Dollar Dog!


Nathalie said...

Amanda give Hoggie a big hug from me and his mom Emma
When he is better we I will come for a visit
Love Nat
Ewenique Farms

aholt said...

Hogan is thinking of you and Emma too and looking forward to a future visit when he's in good health!