Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hogan in the Hospital - Prayers Please!

13h00 UPDATE:
Just spoke to the vet and Hogan is doing much better. He has eaten & been out for a short walk, although very depressed.

They still do not know what he has/had, so we are playing extra safe and checking and treating for Lepto. They suspect that he got 'into' something that he should not have, although we can find no evidence on the farm of tampering with any potentially toxic things (horse medications out of reach, antifreeze stored away...).

Keep your prayers coming for Hogan, and hopefully we will not only get some answers, but get him home.

I will see him in about 4 hours!
Last night, a lethargic very sick 11month old Hogan puppy was rushed to the hospital.

Please pray and send good energy to Hogan - as a livestock protection dog he is very distraught being seperated from his sheep (who he was born with and lived with his whole life) and being inside a facility (remember, he has only ever lived in a barn the poor pup!).

We LOVE you Hogan! Get well soon!!!!


Mommy Amanda


Shannon said...

I am praying to all the saints that I know of for Hogan's recovery. He is such a good puppy and his sheep need him!! (and so does his Mommy)

aholt said...
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aholt said...

Thanks Shannon - we are really hoping that he pulls through and all your good energy and prayers are paying off... you know how sweet and loving he is, and how he just wants to be with his sheep.

Getting him home will be the best thing for his recovery!

Appreciate all you love,