Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Farm Update

It's a little while since I have been able to post any news on the farm as I have been out of the country and then home sick!

We are pleased to report that Hogan has passed his last vet check with flying colours and seems to be A-Ok with no permanent damage to his kidneys.

Special thanks go out from Hogan, Drummond & I to Joanne & Jim for their help and support, Nathalie Labelle for all her caring concerns, visits, and unwavering commitment to the animals that she breeds, our vet for being such a wonderfully caring individual who did Hogan's last vet scheduled vet check on Easter Monday, and to Ann Seymour for helping us out with all sorts of details and prayers.


Penny (8 yr QH mare & Rory 2 yr QH filly) have both been barn-bound with soft soles and thrush due to the wet wet wet weather recently. Both ladies are feeling their beans and are happy to get their turn-out time when it's dryer outside.

But I think that Rory has wised up to the good stuff that comes from being given lots of TLC twice a day... it actually has been good for her manners too, as she has had to learn to stand quietly despite her desire to run around outside with the other fillies.


The Belgians are looking fat and lazy, and we can't wait until we can get our horsedrawn equipement to the farm and have some lessons. We are also anxious to get on their backs and teach them riding basics. They just look sooo comfortable... although Colleen can really buck!


Finn the black and white TomCat that we rescued from near death this winter has been fixed, dewormed and the broken leg mended. He moved out of the house (whew!) and into the barn last week and is doing great. He is no longer afraid of the dogs, and the dogs all respect him. He seems very happy and likes the attention at chore time.

New additions to the farm!!!

Bruce & Spot (names will probably be changed soon) came to the farm on Sunday. They are two 2 yr old male cats that have been under the care of SteriAnimal without any progress on their socialization.

They are living in an upstairs bedroom, and once they are used to Drummond, myself, Jasper and Oliver (who frequents the barn too), we will move them up and set them free in the barn!

We truly hope that they will adapt better to farm life than they have to capavity, where they seem so unhappy.... just hiding, and quietly waiting for an escape.


No pictures this time around - more coming.


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