Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Kenny Joins the Farm

Our first buck, Kenny, a pygmy goat joined the farm just before the Hogan events hit. With that in mind, I have not had the time to post any reports on Kenny's settling in with the sheep and our only doe, Spirit, a pygmy mix.

The reunion of Kenny with his old friend Spirit was touching, as they definitely recognized one another. When I took Kenny out of the car (yes, he was transported by car! I love small livestock) he started crying and Spirit heard him. By the time we had walked through the barn into the back pen, Spirit was up on the fence calling to her friend and he was answering.

Although the vet cannot confirm it without ultrasound at this time, it appears that Kenny successfully bred Spirit in December when she left to join our farm. They are best buddies and are now joined at the hip. Although he is pint-sized compared to her, Kenny bosses Spirit around. In fact, Kenny would rule the whole herd, if Angus our dud-ram, was not so darn dominant!

Keep watch for pregnancy updates of Kenny & Spirits love kids!

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