Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Barn Cats Times 3!

The Fraser Farm now boasts three barn cats, all rescues. The first to arrive into the barn a few weeks ago is a sad story with a happy ending. Finn arrived on the doorstep of Drummond & my house in February, starving to death, tips of the ears frozen off, full of worms & mites, and a broken back leg. A handsome black & white spotted cat, he has quickly made the barn his home and is comfortable around the dogs & horses.
Finn stayed in our a room upstairs until mid-April. He is now fixed, dewormed, his back leg has fused, and is the resident cat around the barn. He was quickly socialized, and now is a permanent fixture at chore-time. In fact, he is so busy weaving in and out of your legs trying to get attention that it is difficult to hay the animals! Although thin, he is in amazing shape compared to when he first arrived. The vet thinks that he is between 3-4 years old.

Spot & Bruce came to us by way of a rescue organization in Montreal. They are 2yrs+ fixed males, and have been living in Dee's house for over a year. They were introduced to the barn last weekend. Moving the two wilder cats out of the upstairs bedroom and into the barn was a challenge (to catch them), but they seemed to be excited about their freedom once released.

Bruce & Finn shared some time together as they met, and it was very amicable. Since their introduction into the barn, we have not seen them - although their food keeps getting eaten down so we know that they are coming in when the humans are not around.

Happy, healthy and free are all 3!

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