Monday, May 7, 2007

Spring has arrived on the Farm!

Spring time on the farm means lots and lots of work and animals who are excited with the warming weather and tastiness of fresh grass.

Drummond has been planning our chores and we try to get as much done on the weeknights and weekends as we possibly can. Fencing is an on-going activity, as the infrastructure for fencing on the whole farm needs to be repaired or rebuilt. Fencing for horses, cows, sheep and miniature goats for all pastures (we are going to try intensive rotational grazing) requires alot of fencing material and lots and lots of elbow grease.

Drummond does not work alone though, besides the time that myself, Jim and George help out, the animals like to assist too... although usually they just slow down the whole process!
Spring means that the animals are shedding, and the winter hair is scratchy and irritating. Drummond and I take the shedding blades to all the horses several times a week to help them along, but they also love a good dusty roll in the dirt for a scratch.
Colleen, our 5 year old Belgian mare, takes a good roll and puts on quite a show at 2,500lbs!!!
When we first got Colleen she was tempramental and untrusting of us. Now she is lovely to handle and rarely pins her ears at us. Drummond and I brought she and her Belgian buddy Dan down to our house this past Saturday to have a treat of fresh spring grass. The horses will slowly be introduced to pasture over the next month - and hopefully all the fencing will be done by then!!

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