Friday, July 20, 2007

Grazing Beauties

Our horses are all enjoying their summer on pasture... of course the Belgians are a little overweight to be on grass, but until we have an alternate shelter for them they are with the light horses! (Dan thinks that he has died & gone to heaven; all he can eat, lots of younger females & humans to scratch his belly everynight!!!)

Here are some photos of them enjoying the summer:

Colleen, Power (wearing his flysheet), Dan & Penny are grazing happily in the OakField.

Penny asserts her dominance by being the first of the herd to drink.

Dan takes an afternoon nap while the flies are bad & the sun is hot!

Willow enjoys the summer sun despite the flies - she is growing quickly, our youngest & tallest.

Rory is a pro... she takes a step & eats, takes a step & eats... always searching to get the best grass ahead of the others! There she is walking away with her mouth full.

Tyree is our crazy redhead - gifted athletically, but can unwind like lightening in a flash! She would make an amazing cutter or reigner... what she was bred for!

My old retiree QH gelding Laddie is enjoying his summer with Joan & Dewey in Toledo ON where he is savouring his retirement (a horse that cannot be left outside all the time like the others!):

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