Friday, August 24, 2007

Bride & Groom head back to the Farm for a Horseshow

The newlyweds, Drummond & I decided to spend our honeymoon at a horseshow showing our mare Penny for the first time.

The stubborn redhead refused to load in the trailor on the show day, I opted to ride the mare to the fair grounds - 3 1/2 hrs covering 20 kms on the transCanada trail.

Once arrived at the show, we had missed all our classes. What to do? With an understanding organizing committee, they allowed me to register in all the remaining classes although I had never done them and my horse had never been trained for the events.

We did poorly in Trail Class (ironic since we had just succesfully completed a huge trail to get there!), well in Command & Bareback and VERY well in Reigning! We actually came in 3rd place in Reigning and won money, beating out another competitor who actually trains for the event! We had a great day.
Special thanks to Hunter (who accompagnied me on the trail on foot), Isabelle, Kasia, Joanne & George for all their support that day... of course, Penny & I would never had gotten there if it were not for Drummond's encouragement and endless support! I walked away tired, happy and holding the Sportsmanship Award.

Here are some photos from the reigning class:

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