Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Rest In Peace Bob HOPE

Sadly, our old rescue Bob Hope died yesterday in the early hours. He was quite ill and the vet did forewarn us that he could live a few years or slip away quickly. We left a message with our vet who comes to our house to pass by to have him euthanized, but Bob died before we could help him.

He fought hard, and really wanted to live. Bob loved life, despite obvious neglect through the years. He purred affectionately whenever we even looked at him. We fed him saved rare filet mignon, cream and fresh fish during his last days. He was so loved. He died just after 1am peacefully at home in his warm bed with us at his side patting & talking sweetly to him. We will bury him this weekend under the big tree at the farm with the other pets.

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