Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Holts Visit the Farm!

My parents, Lorraine & Gerry, visited the farm this past weekend. Dad was especially anxious to meet Ozzie the lamb that I gave him for father's day. The little white lamb is named after Gerry's father, my grandfather Osborne!

They had fun in the Oak Field with the horses, and could not believe how big the 2yr fillies have gotten. I reminded them that they are still growing, indicating the big discrepency between the height of their back ends with their front ends. Mom said that Penny was so large on grass that she looked pregnant!

In truth, our horses are all too fat but they live outside and I do not mind them being a little on the heavy side as winter approaches. We will soon move them out of the Oak & Lower Field and into the hay fields for their last tastes of sweet grass before the snow flies.

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