Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Franklin joins the Farm

Franklin 8 wks

In mid-November a neighbour friend discovered a litter of very young kittens dumped in her garbage pail. Between the two of us, we found homes for 5 of the 6 abandoned kittens. The last little guy found his way into our home and quickly befriended our other 5 cats and melted our hearts.

Franklin 8 wks & Hazel 7 months

Franklin is an extremelly athletic and friendly little guy. He will move into the barn this spring with Oliver, Thomas Kincaid, Hazel & Spot (who is the current resident barn cat).



Leaving only Aoife at the house, as Kiska leaves next week for a new home in Montreal. Woohoo, only 1 cat in the house... thank god, as I am allergic! hahaha

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