Thursday, December 13, 2007

Training of the 2yr old QH Fillies

Rory, Tyree & Willow are now in regular training on the flat. They are learning their gaits in the round pen & will start to be under harness (long-lines) over the holidays. We hope to have them all going green under saddle before they turn 3 yrs next summer, when the real training will begin.

Here are some shots of our talented girls at work in late November, of course they are all saggy with winter hair in the photos:

Rory is our Sunny bred mare, who has "pleasure" written all over her! She has a lovely natural smooth gait, and is very sure footed. She is the smartest of the fillies, which presents challenges in training her as you have to stay ahead of her mind. But that means that she also picks stuff up very quickly. Rory is an extremelly dominant mare, however after joining-up she is choosing to cooperate and seems to enjoy our 20 minute sessions. This mare has lots of potential for a great show horse. Rory is my favourite, because she is such a great teacher for me... you have to be on your game to stay ontop of her, because she is so smart & dominant - but the rewards are amazing!

Willow is our speed bred mare with Jet-Deck and Go Man Go on either side. She is normally very quiet, but like all QH can unwind like lightening. She is definitely the mare who is learning the most consistently (2 steps forward, no steps back to date!) and clearly loves her training. She has a very willing disposition. With her larger size, kind eye and nice movement she will make a lovely all-rounder. I am certain that she will look lovely as either a hunter or western horse. Willow is EVERYONE's favourite when they come to visit the farm. She is a gentle, lovely and sensitive little girl. Although she is the largest of the fillies (& will probably top out at the largest saddle horse we have), she is the youngest and we have to remind ourselves that she is a little less mature than the others... but her heart is that of a wise old sage.

Tyree is our cowhorse, through and through. She has speed, intelligence and unbelievable athleticism. As a yearling, she was running circles around all the other horses including my QH mare Penny. She is quirky, and really fun to work with. We are hoping to make an all-round ranch horse out of her and maybe get some professional reining training (her sire is a top reiner out west). She is also a pretty nice match to my mare Penny for driving! Oh yes, and she is Drummond's favourite!!!

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