Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Weathering the Storm: 45 cms of Blowing Snow

Like many of you reading the blog, we weathered Sunday's storm coming out with lots of memories. Saturday was spent readying the farm for the event, as warnings abounded from Environment Canada weather offices.
The most surprising turn was not the high winds or expansive snow drifts, it was the horses choice to wait out the storm along the wind break fenceline and not in the shelter. They had a choice, and we keep pondering why they choose to rest out the storm along the cedars and not dry and away from the wind...
The animals enjoyed being spoiled during the storm with lots of extra hay, and some lovely alfafa mix, and hot cereals with apples, carrots & molasses. I think that the steers thought that they were in heaven when they got warm beet pulp mashes during the height of the storm!
Here are some photos from the events:

Jasper & I wade up the snow drifts along the driveway up to the barns... Santa, can I please get snowshoes for Christmas? Brrrrr!

When we arrived, the sheep were nowhere in sight. We moved their feeders into the two shelters and made sure that they were all warm & cozy - especially the 20 lambs.
The horses had strategically placed themselves along the fenceline out of the wind. Although this is not the usual location where they are hayed, Drummond & I trudged through the drifts to bring them their forage to accommodate their choice of refuge.
Willow gets covered with snow, as her fur has well insulated her.

Rory shakes the snow-off; this mare is up for any challenge! Tough little thing that she is!

Colleen does not seem to mind the snow, with her size the drifts are easily maneuverable.

I think that Penny sometimes longs for her warm stall back at Bradley's Stable in Mercier when on bad days she would have only had time out in the indoor arena!

Power has lived outside for 27 yrs on the farm, he is used to whatever weather a Canadian winter can throw his way! Well done old man.

Cleaning out after the Storm:
Our wood pile by the house was buried... next year we will have to resituate it in order to avoid creating more work for ourselves. Drummond would dig it out and pull it to the porch on a sled, and I would pile it at the door. What alot of fun work though: a team effort!

Monday after the morning clean up, it was time to take advantage of the afternoon soon and get the fillies back into their training routine. My father-in-law Jim brought out his snowshoes and made a trail to the round pen and a track for both the horses & I to work in. Here is a photo of Tyree getting a work out.
Rory enjoys her romp in the snow!
Drummond cools Willow down on the driveway after her workout.

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