Thursday, March 20, 2008

Heza Lady's Lad will celebrate his 23rd Birthday!

My old quarter horse gelding Laddie is turning twenty-three on March 25th! Woohoo! This beautiful blood-bay is a Cadillac to ride - so smooth it's hard to know what gait he is in. Zero to go in no time, he still can move and buck. Yes, he bucks still at his age - and that's okay, because it shows that he feels good!

As he was raised in a very pampered environment so he is not tough enough to live outside like our other 7 horses. For this reason, he is spoiled rotten by friends Joan & Dewey of Fairlee Farm a few hours away where we board him while our barn undergoes renovations. They bred & raised him, so in many ways his retirement is a 'coming home'. We are anxious to have him join us in St-Eugene, but we sleep well at night knowing that he is a wonderful place too (I just wished that I could see him everyday like the others).

Here is a photo of the birthday boy from last fall, he looks good for his age no?

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Laddie looks fantastic! My husband's old horse (22 this spring) is very swaybacked, but otherwise very frisky and still able to cut a cow.