Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our Contented Animals

Having a barnyard and home full of content animals gives Drummond & I a sense of accomplishment and purpose. We love the fact that our animals live in as close a possible to a natural environment, and seem to thrive because of it!

Our dog Hogan is hardwired through centuries to live a pastoral life with a flock of sheep. Hogan therefore lives outside with our Shetlands, protecting them from predators and has a very active life.

Hogan enjoys some time in the warm March sun.

Our shepherd mix Jasper is bred with instincts to both herd & hunt. He enjoys herding both the sheep and the cattle for us, and in his free-time he strikes off to the woods and hunts small game. Yes, he does catch stuff and brings it home and eats it... all of it!

Jasper and Piper go hunting for small game.

Jasper rests after a barnyard workout.

All of our horses were bred and raised outside. They have a large well-built shelter to get away from the elements and a fantastic watering system that provides fresh cool water year round on demand. Power is the resident sage, born on the farm 27 years ago this summer. He loathes being put in the barn (happens once in awhile if he is under the weather) and his favourite passtime is an afternoon nap in the sun.

Power stretches out to snooze.

Laying around in the sun, Power is surrounded by his mares.

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