Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Farm Workouts - yes, we get in shape on the farm!

And people wonder why we go to the gym? Well to prepare for all the farm workouts! Let me tell you though, there are things that you can do on the farm that no weight or aerobic program in a fancy gym can prepare you for!

Here are some photos of us around the farm getting a sweat up! Sunday afternoon's project, temporarily reinforce the winter sheep paddock fencing, as it is covered under a 4 foot snow drift. Drummond went and purchased snow-fencing that would serve the purpose, but we needed some palettes to help secure the job. And where could we find palettes?
Well, the local Coop was out so we were left with only one option - dig out the ice and snow encrusted ones stored by the cattle's paddock. My brother-in-law Hunter dug each palette out one by one, and this was a really physical task dealing with heavy snow and layers of ice.
Then I would drag the heavy water-logged palettes around the barnyard to Drummond who would secure them on the snow-fencing as a further deterant to our mastermind escapee sheep Meglund & Scutter (who will lead the whole flock astray!).

Hunter digging down several feet to get to the stack of palettes.
Action shot!
Taking a moment to catch his breathe... it certainly seems like no chore when it is so beautiful outside.
Amanda lugs a heavy palette in the barnyard.
Asthmatics take lots of well earned breaks! hahaha. It actually was alot of fun and I really got my heartrate up. Much much better than a treadmill & weights in a windowless gym.
The end result - the perimeter of the sheep's winter paddock is reinforced. We now refer to it as Alcatraz!

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