Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Visit to Abbeyview!

Some of you may already know, but Abbeyview is my parents' home in lovely Georgeville in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.Although they do not farm, my parents are very connected to nature and the wildlife in their area. They are good stewards to their 5 acres of this wonderful planet!

I recently took some time from work to stay at Abbeyview, while my cousin Cindy Ann and four year old son Cody visited from Edmonton.

Here are some photos from Abbeyview, unfortunately Drummond could not accompagny me!:
Cindy Ann, Amanda (me!), Lorraine (mom), Cody, & Irene (nanny) visiting Nanny at her residence in Magog.

Daphne, Riley & Cody warm up in front of the fireplace after their baths. Life at Abbeyview is certainly cozy!

The deer congrugate under the bird feeders every cold winter evening for a snack. Mom only feeds them during the really deep snowfall periods as she does not want to tame them. These photos were taken from my parent's bedroom window.
I was tickled to be able to spend my old dog Tipper's 16th birthday with him. This lovely colliecross is the love of my life, and it breaks my heart that we live so far apart now and we cannot chat over the phone! He is doing incredibly well for his age, and still patrols the property and enjoys having me come and visit.
Mom & Cindy Ann enjoy a little pre-St-Patrick's party on March 15th, when we also celebrated my older brother Jason's birthday.

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