Monday, March 10, 2008

Fillies Feeling their Spring Beans!

The fillies were definitely feeling their spring beans this past weekend! Even docile little Willow broke out of her shell, ripping, bucking and rearing away! I didn't need to see her up to those antics just before I get on her back for the first time. hahaha

Here are some shots of Willow gone Wild! For those of you who have met this quiet 2yr old, it was shocking for us all to see her kicking up a storm and getting the others all worked up. Normally the other two fillies rip about the fields and Willow just ignores them and eats away with the old gelding.

You had to be there to see it! I will try to upload one of the videos of her cutting loose, post it on YouTube and put a link on this blog post. She was CRAZY!!! Good to see them feeling that good - it was as if she was dancing to a song in her head. Notice that the others are trying to eat?

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