Monday, March 10, 2008

Weathering the storm on the farm

Eastern Ontario as certainly experienced a lovely white winter this year! The animals all have good food, warm water and shelter and have overwintered nicely (umm... they are all a little too fat actually!)... except that winter is still in full swing mid-March!

Here are some photos of farm activities this winter 2008:

Hogan surveys the back fields for predators & trespassing skidooists!

The sheep & goats ready for another large snowstorm.

Aslan, the aged ram, takes all the blowing snow in stride. His thick wooly coat protects him from the wind & snow.

Tyree & Rory peek into the barn to see if some grain is coming!
Drummond takes a moment to enjoy the winter beauty from our porch steps. Yes that's an Easter wreath on our door - can you believe that we'll be celebrating Easter with all this snow in 2008?

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