Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Renovations on the House!

With BIG thanks to my uncle Wayne (the foreman/expert), my father-in-law Jim, good family friend George and parents Gerry & Lorraine, our home underwent massive renovations during the month of June. While Drummond was still away at AOC in Kingston, the Catchpaugh-Holt-Fraser-Garby crew took over the house. Tearing down the old plaster, putting up new walls, dealing with all sorts of strange complications... we now have a finished master bedroom (only the crown moldings to install), and two bedrooms and a hallway that are 75% complete. WOOHOO!!!

Here are some photos documenting the progress! I will add more photos of the finished state later this week!
Before Shots:

The Work Party:
Gerry & Wayne discuss putting wires through the oak studding - "I need a bigger drill" was the catch phrase of the day.

Jim & Gerry prepare the future nursery for insulating.

George takes in a laugh between all the hard work.

Gerry is learning all about electrical work from George... soon Gerry would be operating with little supervision!

Jim pulls up the floor in the future nursery - what surprises await?

Jim & Wayne inspect the flooring... "what now?" ran through their heads.

Meals were always bountiful and much appreciated by the crew!

Gerry works on the telephone lines.

Wayne gets busy with the sheet-rock 90!

Jim takes a breather after hauling up countless sheets of gyprock with dad up our steep stairs!
Wayne sports his nifty eye flashlights; perfect for dark tight closet work.
Jim, George & Wayne discuss strategy for getting an armoire out of the house... it would not fit down the stairs. Dilema!
Dilema diverted - we hoisted out the second storey balcony.
Wayne sands down his excellent plaster job.
Mom gets to work on painting the ceiling - 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of paint! Wow!
Amanda & Wayne get to work priming the walls.
Mom finishes with the primer. Go mom!
Wayne & mom (brother & sister) get to work with the trim of the final colour of the master bedroom.
Photos of the finished work to come!

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