Friday, August 22, 2008

3yr Quarter Horse Fillies started under saddle!

Tyree, Rory & Willow all turned 3yrs old this summer and have officially been started under saddle. With my pregnancy falling during the peak of training season, Drummond and local equestrian star & neighbour Brianna took over my job... it was so hard to watch someone else ride them when I had worked so hard the last 2 yrs long lining them and backing them. At least I had been on them before, but not really ridden.

Drummond was officially the first to ride all three. We wanted to make sure that the girls were all going to be easily mounted before Brianna took over. Drummond was the perfect cowboy: quiet, strong and understanding. Only one creative dismount from Tyree (he looked like a rodeo pro grabbing onto the roundpen walls) was required, as Rory & Willow were both quiet. Tyree was fine the second time around with no spats since!

Brianna was simply amazing and took great care to get our girls walking and trotting comfortably and confidently. We are so lucky to have met the Albright family and their wonderful and talented equestrian daughters. I am certain that younger sister Ashley, who already takes care of our animals a few nights a week, will be riding them with Drummond this fall.
Brianna rides Rory at a trot, with Amanda encouraging the mare along (notice my 4 month pregnancy belly bump?)
Brianna keeps our red-headed mare Tyree quiet at the walk - what a superstar!

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