Friday, August 22, 2008

Homestead Barn: Under Major Renovations

Our century old timberframe barn started major renovations this week under the expertise of 6 highly skilled timberframers. It took us 2 years to empty the barn of all the stored hay, straw, antiques and accumulated farm periphenalia and save enough money to get the work contracted out to professionals.

Decades of wear & tear and only patchwork repairs left us with the decision to either let the barn slowly continue to decay or step-in and save it. Being nostalgic for all beautiful aspects of farming days of old, we decided that would could not morally live with ourselves if the barn crashed down and a pre-fab metal & plastic hoop structure replaced it.

The work has been amazing and we are very excited about finishing the haymow and loafing area this fall readying for the winter months. If money and time allows, we will also tackle the south end of the barn.

Special thanks to Dan & his wonderful crew for putting up with less than ideal work conditions (a stinky old barn albeit a cherished place to us) and for making the whole experience a pleasurable one for Drummond & I. We look forward to working with you in the future and would give you the highest recommendation!

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