Friday, August 29, 2008

Clara & Patrick celebrate their 10th Birthdays at the Farm!

Dear family friend Nancy brought two of her grandchildren to the farm to celebrate their 10th birthdays. Cousins Clara & Patrick enjoyed a day of sunshine and fresh air. They had a chance to see the 3yr old QH fillies getting trained under saddle, a visit with the sheep & goats, a demonstration by the farrier on trimming & shoeing hooves, and naturally a riding lesson!

Here are some photos from the wonderful day!
Clara & Patrick start their riding lesson in the barn - grooming Laddie and learning about horsemanship from the ground up!
Clara gets nuzzled by curious & friendly filly Tyree while waiting to start the riding portion of her lesson:
Amanda quickly stretches 22yr old Laddie out before the kids get on to ride:
The kids & Jim watch-on as Amanda does some last minute tack adjustments. Knees off the ground Patrick!:
Patrick starts on the lunge at a walk and soon graduated to Laddie's smooth western jog:

Clara, who had started riding at an equestrian day-camp this summer, was keen to work both on & off the lunge. She had no trouble controlling kind and well schooled Laddie. We even taught her how to make a 180 turn on the haunches.:
Joanne & proud grandma Nancy watch:
Jim & Amanda introduce the kids to the sheep, goats & of course Hogan. Hogan loved Clara and after only a few short minutes was generous with his kisses:
We hope that you enjoyed your birthday visit to the farm kids! Come back soon.

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