Monday, November 3, 2008

How Canadians came to the Fraser Farm

Almost 30 years ago the Frasers moved out to a lovely farm in Eastern Ontario and purchased some animals for their diversified farm. The first horses to arrive were Dolly, a well trained Quarter Horse mare up from Texas, and Maggie, a broad-chested gentle-hearted chestnut Canadian.

In those first years, Maggie the Canadian proved to be the perfect horse for a small family farm. The children rode her and she pulled the family sleigh for the holidays. Maggie was bred to a black Thoroughbred stallion and threw a black colt named Power. Power is now 28 yrs old and still very much a testament to his mother's kind disposition and the resilency of his Canadian bred background.

Aside from his black coat and added height, Power remains very much a Canadian horse. This past September Power enjoyed several trail rides with my brother-in-law Hunter on his back - he still has alot of 'power' left in him and wants very much to be included in farm activities.

Elsa is our new Canadian addition to the farm and it was remarkable to see how out of all the 8 horses already on the farm, how she immediately was drawn to the other Canadian. She possesses similar qualities to Maggie and Power both, and we hope to breed her to a registered Canadian draft style stallion next spring.

Some photos of the evolution of Canadians on the Fraser Farm:
Drummond spends his first summer on the farm with kind Maggie (who died there in 1996) at his side. He recalls climbing up on her back and sleeping there while she grazed in the afternoon sun.

Young Drummond and colt Power exchange kisses through the fence. They apparently also partook in many soccer style games that year, but they always ended badly with Power rearing up and coming down hard on the ball in play and deflating it! Drummond is sporting his fancy Glen Sandfield soccer outfit in this photo ready to challenge the colt to another round.

Power enjoys a late morning nap on October pasture.

Elsa and Power love each other very much, and she watches out for the old man.

Elsa comes down the field to say hello.
A big chunk of a mare, Elsa will surely throw some nice small drafts to work the farm.
Elsa and Rory (Qh filly) decide that the same spot of grass is the best! Elsa is 16hh1 and Rory is 14hh3.

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