Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter Beef Harvest 2012 & Spring 2012 already Sold OUT!

We are pleased that our customers are happy with our products and giving us good feedback on how they best enjoy their meat.
Our regular and heritage beef are all sold out from our recent January harvest, and the spring harvest is already pre-sold. We are now taking reserve orders for the Fall harvest for 2012. At this time, we will only be offering regular beef - more heritage will be offered in late 2013.
Our lamb sold-out very quickly, which was great given that it was our first year offering it for sale to our customers. The Shetland meat is very sweet and tender. We are taking reserve orders for lamb for the 2012-13 season currently.
We're heading back to the Eastern Ontario Chicken Auction in March to replenish our flock. We had a few hens killed by predators last summer/fall and hope to grow our flock enough so that we can start offering eggs for sale.

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