Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We say goodbye to our longtime Canadian Power

Power picked a beautiful day to leave this world, in the very field where he was born nearly 32 years ago this past week.  I only had the pleasure of knowing this kind gelding the last decade of his life, but he touched my heart immensely.

Power was the first and last foal born on the farm to a lovely Canadian mare named Maggie off of a black thoroughbred stud.  He was a playful colt who was known to play soccer with the family dog and boys Drummond (my husband) and younger brother Hunter.  He grew to be a talented Hunter style show horse and spent many years in the showring helping young riders grow confident in the saddle. 

In his last years, he enjoyed being surrounded by lovely young Quarter mares who always seemed to respect him and showed him much affection.  His paddock and stall mates Laddie (27yr QH) and Robin (19yr Welsh pony) will be sure to miss him greatly.

Power left this world much has he came into it: with the boy who loved him by his side, although now a grown man with children of his own, in a bed of soft clover with the sun on his back.


We love you and miss you Power - rest in peace. 


Michelle said...

What a lovely tribute – and a most fortunate horse to have lived and died with one loving family for his entire life.

Bibi said...

Toute ma sympatie à Drummond et à toi! It's always heart breaking to let them go! They have been in our life for so long! Power surelly meetings a couple of new friends, Jay, Méo and White Soxs....! Take care xxx Julie

Maladies inflammatoires said...

Thank you, I did not know that they lived 32 years. Very nice temoignage.