Friday, November 16, 2012

New Rescued Cats to be moved into the Barn

We recently rescued 2 mother cats and 3 kittens, who we have had in our home while some recovered from being spayed and as they became a cohesive and happy pride.

Now that Peaches and her two female kittens Cricket & Tiger, and Mamma Boo and her male kitten Katou are all fixed and de-fleaed and are one big happy family with resident barn cat Ollie (a rescue from 6yrs ago) here at the house, they are ready to move into their permanent home in the barn.  Thank goodness - as we are going through kitty litter at an unbelievable rate with them all locked into the house and my allergies are acting up.  Furthermore, our indoor-outdoor house cats Aoife, Hazel and Franklin want their space back!

Here are some photos of the new rescues - more photos to come once they are settled into the barn.
Tiger & Cricket


Peaches, with Katou & Cricket playing on the sofa in the background

Katou, Tiger & Cricket lounging in the playpen... oh babies!

Mamma Boo

Mamma Boo and her son Katou

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