Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Giving Thanks - a time to reflect on our bounty

After a very busy Thanksgiving weekend finishing up the hay season, we at Torhaveen Farm are especially thankful for all of our friends, family & neighbours who have helped us get through a tough summer and finish up haying.

The last of the hay was loaded and brought to the barn at 21h50 Saturday night, with the help of Lee, Simone and Kaitlyn, Liam, Cameron, and our intern Julien.  Special thanks also go out to Andrew on a quick repair job of the square baler's clutch and getting our original MF 165 purring again. Hans for lending us a spare MF 165.  Also, I would not have been able to participate swinging bales, running errands and cooking for the crew without the generosity of Genevieve having taken both children to her house for the day.

Here are some photos from the weekend, fixing hay wagons, making hay, the Holt cousins playing around in the Eastern Townships. 

Simone raking hay.

Meredith & Daphne.

Riley, Pearson, Meredith & Daphne

Riley & Pearson fishing on Trouser lake.

Glorious maple tree dressed in surreal fall colours.

Meredith, Daphne, Alec, Riley, Clare, Jack & Pearson.

Simone raking it all up in windrows.

Julien, Drummond, Lee & Liam making the plans.

Kaitlyn paints the new runners for the hay wagon.

Cameron helps with the haywagon rebuilds, while the hay cures in the sun.

Julien & Drummond discussing plans.

10 month old pup Kiely, in amongst the windrows of middle one field

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