Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Roosters for sale!!!!

Torhaveen Farms is selling 2 roosters (12$) each, for any interested in keeping them as breeding stock/pets.  Otherwise, we will put them in our own stewing pot!

Both are home raised off of Rhode Island Red Hens hatched out August 2012- one, Goldie, is clearly the son of our beloved rooster Pete (thick short comb, large tail, coloured golden) and is of a moderate size. He has beautiful golden plumage.  The other, Speckles,  is a very large son of our former pure bred Chantecler rooster, he looks just like his father in size (large and handsome) - but is not pure white, he has some red speckles on his back.

These two roosters are low in the current pecking order, and are cat, dog, and child safe.  Goldie is used to being held.  Also, they are not hard on the hens.

Here are some photos of our happy free-range flock!

 Here is Goldie, strutting his stuff around the horse paddock. He is a really nice guy.

Speckles is the large white rooster in the middle of the flower garden. The girls really like him!

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