Monday, December 2, 2013

Memorial to Heza Lady's Lad - Laddie

It has taken me this long to compose something, to prepare myself, to let the world know that my beloved Laddie was laid to rest this past September.  He was my first horse, first love; teacher, spiritual healer and best friend. 

He was loved by the Mosher family who bred and boarded him for countless years (especially Joan), numerous young aspiring equestrians for whom he was their first mount, and Linda Zilahi who cared and part-boarded him for years... Laddie loved the kids, going on trails and rolling in fresh snow. He was a gentle-hearted giant, but lacked no spirit!  He is sadly missed by the Holt & Fraser clans, his best friend & stable mate Welsh pony Robin and girl friend QH mare Penny.

A special thank you to Jodilyn Albright & Simone Morris who held me in their arms, as we stood next to him in his final moments. The hardest day of my life... but I did right by him, he was in pain and suffering and could not have made it through another winter.

Thank you for guarding my secrets.
Thank you for teaching my lessons my parents & teachers never could.
Thank you for being the best listener in the world.
Thank you for helping me fly.
Thank you for helping me face my fears.
Thank you for ...making me smile.
Thank you for showing me that hard work really does pay off.
Thank you for being my best friend.
Thank you for being my horse.

All the carrots and peppermints in the world could never make up for the things that you have done for me.
Missing you forever.

Laddie's last photo on his last day with baby Meredith


Michelle said...

I'm am so, so sorry. The hardest day I've ever experienced was putting down my "heart dog," so I understand completely.

Bibi said...

Toute ma sympathie! Un super cheval d'une vie! Bon courage! xxx