Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Winter time at Torhaveen Farms

It is wintertime still at Torhaveen Farms; Bbbrrr, it's been a nippy one! Thankfully our heritage bred animals do just fine in our harsh Canadian winters, which is just one more reason why we love them! Rare breed or not! Most of our animals opt to 'drink' snow through the winter, and we have altogether stopped with water for the sheep, goats and chickens. The horses, cattle, dogs and cats still have heated water.

We currently have all natural pork for sale, 4.50$/lb hanging weight including cost of butchering, packaging & smoking. A1/2 hog includes 3-4 roasts, 3 hams & lots of bacon (naturally smoked on applewood, with no chemicals), ground meat, full filet, hocks, ribs, and lots of chops!  Average cots for a 1/2 hog is about 400$ and is usually enough for a family of 4 for a year with 2-3 pork meals a month.

We recently acquired a new registered Aberdeen Angus bull from Evans Acres Farm, and are pleased with his disposition, confirmation and level of curiosity.  The cows have not yet brought him into the herd, but we expect two years of breeding with him starting the Fall 2014.  He will turn one next month and he is already a big boy!

The chickens have found it a bit rough this winter, despite the heat lamps, clean laying boxes full of straw and ample room. They are used to only being closed in for winter mid December and by late February are outside a good part of the day.  An early morning start this morning had me reading the outdoor thermometer at -22, and it's March 4th!  Soon enough, they will be outside chasing bugs and eating greenery.  Right now, they have to be satisfied with all the green kitchen waste provided by ours and our family/friends' homes.  We have one very broody hen that we will allow to raise chicks only once the weather improves.

We have enjoyed some great bareback trail rides on our horses, and are pleased to see our large spirited Canadian mare Elsa being ridden by friend Simone.  Two weeks until Spring!!!

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